Yelp Hackathon 5.0 Brings You KegTime

Yelp Hackathons — something if you read this blog regularly — you should already be familiar with. It’s a 48 hour period of time we devote to anyone in the company to crank on projects that they’re excited about.

In the past, our Hackathons have included special guests, pinatas and, oh yeah, hacking! This year’s didn’t disappoint: with 28 total projects built, a petting zoo in the office (What? Your company doesn’t have those?) and a High School Science Fair type set-up so our hundreds of Yelp employees in San Francisco could wander, sip some Belgian ale and take a gander at what their fellow colleagues dreamed up.

We wanted to showcase some of our favorite projects, so once again we created a video that takes a humorous look at just a handful of our insanely creative employees. While these projects aren’t (yet) live on Yelp, they may be something that we incorporate shortly! Take a look at Review Low-Lights, Side-by-Side and Kegmate 2.0 featuring KegTime.

Let us know what you think and if you think you’re interested in joining our ranks, check out our job openings at