Extending Yelp Deals to Mobile

You may remember almost a year ago, Yelp first launched our version of Deals. Today you can find Yelp Deals in your inbox in 20 metros and counting.

How’s it going? AWESOME.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the availability of Yelp Deals on iPhone and Android. Meaning that users can now search for, purchase and redeem Yelp Deals on their mobile device.


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With over 50 million users accessing and over 4.5 million turning to Yelp Mobile in the last month, Yelp is the platform that consumers are turning to while making a spending decision. Furthermore, in some of our more active markets, we’re actually seeing just as much traffic — if not more — to business listings on Yelp Mobile. With the launch of Yelp Deals on iPhone and Android, we hope to help business owners target consumers when they’re searching for a business like theirs — and of course, help those consumers find a great business, all while saving money!