Five Yelp Business Listings We Like, And Why

We’ve talked often about how and why businesses should take advantage of the free tools on Yelp, even if you don’t yet have any reviews. Why? To use an analogy, if the lights aren’t on, it looks like no one’s home — or, if you aren’t providing photos, information about yourself or your services on your listing, consumers might be more inclined to frequent a business that is.

Many businesses get this but aren’t sure what their first step should be. To help give you some ideas, we’ve picked the following five listings as great examples of businesses that do a great job of leveraging Yelp’s tools for business owners to the fullest.

1. Unexpected Productions Improv (Seattle, WA)

From The Business section of Unexpected Productions Improv in Seattle, WA

Why we like this listing: They have an amazing “From the business” section. You also can purchase tickets through their page. Did you see you get a free popcorn when you check-in? What a great check-in offer.

2. Ashley Duchene Photography (San Diego, CA)

Ashley Duchene Photography in San Diego, CA photos

Why we like this listing: Awesome, helpful photos and lots of them too!

3. Pandora On The Hill (Denver, CO)
Pandora on the hill Denver review response

Why we like this listing: Stephanie S. is amazing at responding to her reviews. The responses are sure to put a smile on the the reviewer’s face in addition to those choosing whether or not to visit this awesome boutique.

4. Lockbusters (New York, NY)
Puppy kisses image uploaded to Lockbusters page

Why we like this listing: Puppy kisses! Need we say more? They also have an awesome video hosted on their page as part of their advertising program. Did you see their review responses too?

5. Michael Ackerman (Seattle, WA)
Michael Ackerman Seattle WA screenshot yelp page

Why we like this listing: 20 minutes is a really fast response time and a 100% response rate on top of that! Michael is taking advantage of the free and paid tools.


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