Summer Of Yelp

That long-awaited, most-favorite of blazing seasons is almost back! And whether it’s getting a hot dog via kayak delivery in Miami, snagging a front-row seat for bicycle jousting in Portland, or downing a frosty pint in a London beer garden, the Weekly Yelp‘s got you covered like SPF100 with summer fun-damentals in over 35 sizzling cities.


Yelp HQ dog Darwin’s big Weekly debut!

That’s right, folks: from coast to coast in the US, in Canada, and even across the pond, June 2nd marks the launch of our extra-special, first-ever Summer Guides. Each issue is as sticky sweet as a dripping soft serve cone and, of course, guaranteed to make you melt. If you don’t get the Weekly Yelp in your inbox already (you should!) or want to view the issues for other areas to plan the ultimate summer vacation (who knew Sacramento could be so much fun?), peep out hundreds of local yelpers’ top picks by visiting the archive and clicking on the metro of your choice.

Stay cool, kiddos. SYOY!